About Us

Arts Avenue is an new online service that people everywhere use to search, create and share any artistic event imaginable. For Free. Whether it’s a local artists exposition, or a rock concert in a city theater. And unlike anywhere else, you don’t wait to get listed: Just submit your event and in a few seconds its up and running, ready to be shared on facebook, twitter and viewed on Mobile, Tablet and the PC. We like to think we help people discover events that match their passions and artists for their budget. And we let everyone share the events they’re creating or joining, bringing more people together around the world.

Started as an idea in 2011, by several artists, technicians and media specialists in the Montreal area. We’ve accomplished alot with the launch of the site in January 2012 and have had acclaim all over the world by artists and people. We continue to work and grow with the goal to influence the world by our way of presenting events. We hope to continue to make this service as easy to create, find and attend events as possible.

So please take a look around: search, share, and tell your friends about the new FREE way to share your events.

Welcome to Arts Avenue.