FASTER Presents: The Elephant in the (Freestanding) Room - Extended Version

A music and dance performance After winning the FREEBIE Award at the 2013 Montreal Fringe Festival for ‘The Elephant in the Room’, FASTER has been working furiously on an extended version of the show. Now that they’re working on Part Two, ‘The Elephant in the Room’ will be almost twice the length, and double the existential angst! If you missed this whimsical adventure the first time around, come and catch up. If you witnessed the original show, come and see the continuation of the tale and explore the unknown! The Elephant in the Room is a modern day, musical fairy tale about a confused girl questioning human behavior, adult responsibilities, and why the hell the human race feels the need to march ever onward in the first place. Where the happily ever after ending is running away with Carnies…or maybe death? Perhaps even death doesn’t solve all your problems, but forces you to develop new decision-making skills! The whole drama is played out through solo dance (Allison Burns) and FASTER (Kayla Milmine and Brian Abbott) with their engaging nihilistic cabaret music, mixed with abrasive punk rock, demented circus music, and off-kilter drunken lounge jazz and improvisation. "Kayla Milmine (soprano sax, vocals) and Brian Abbott (guitar, electronic effects, junk percussion) are accomplished players, moving skillfully from jazz to teasingly brief rock mash-ups to assertive free improvisation. Dancer Allison Burns flows effortlessly from mood to mood, bringing a heavy dose of mischief and levity to the work." - Sue, BloodyUnderrated "The chemistry between the musicians is tight. The dancer is a wonderful mover. Full of fun little moments and surprises." – Fringe NetBuzz "bonne interprétation, texte surprennant et magnifique petit lieu à visiter" – Fringe NetBuzz "An absolute joy" – Fringe Netbuzz The Event will take place at The Freestanding Room (4324 St. Laurent Boul.) corner Marie-anne St. W. Friday, December 6th – Doors 7:30 Show 8 pm Saturday December 7th – Doors 7:30 Show 8 pm Sunday December 8th – Doors 3:30 pm Show 4 pm Run Time: One Hour with short intermission Price:$10