Classical Revolution Pittsburgh

Classical Revolution Pittsburgh presents Choro No Vinho, traditional Brazilian classical music fused with jazz and improvisation, on Wednesday June 6th, 2012 at 8pm at Bar Marco: 2216 Penn Avenue (Strip District) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222. The concert will begin at 8pm. Admission is free. Donations are suggested. Bar Marco will be open for food, craft cocktails, and natural wine. The mission of Classical Revolution Pittsburgh is to present live chamber music involving both traditional and modern approaches to the art form while engaging a broad and diverse community by offering these performances at low or no cost in highly accessible venues, such as cafes and bars. By taking chamber music out of the recital hall and making it more accessible to an audience who would not otherwise hear such music live, we hope a broader public will appreciate chamber music’s relevance. Thus, we hope to weave this music into a cultural landscape presently populated by more mainstream forms of musical entertainment. Choro No Vinho is Pittsburgh’s finest Brazilian choro ensemble, entirely committed to sharing the richness of Brazil’s culture through musical performance. The members of Choro No Vinho are all exceptionally talented and formally trained musicians with extensive performance experience in the Pittsburgh area and around the world. In 2011, Ingrid Gerling (Brazil), Fernando Deddos (Brazil), and Duke Hunter (USA) gave Pittsburgh’s first choro performance at Little E's jazz club in downtown Pittsburgh. The success of this performance led to the formation of the official Choro No Vinho ensemble, with the addition of three more members: Abby Gross (USA), Michael Borowski (USA), and Naoko Hirai (Japan). Since then, Choro No Vinho has given many exciting performances, all of which have been very well received. The members of Choro No Vinho plan to start a weekly Roda de Choro at the Pittsburgh Strip District on Saturday mornings, where they can share this music with the Pittsburgh community, and occasionally invite guest performers. The name of our group “Choro No Vinho” is a play on words with a couple of meanings. It is partly inspired on the popular choro tune "Seu Lourenço No Vinho" (Mr. Lourenço on the wine...), and also comes from the word "novinho" (meaning "young"). It also implies the concept of grafting a new vine onto a branch, a process that combines two separate elements and bonds them together. The name is an ideal combination for our group, as we are young musicians of distinct backgrounds who have come together in a project to preserve the roots of choro and its tradition.