"Still: Wild & Wide Open in the West"

In this unique collaborative exhibit between two well-versed photographers, Lynne Pomeranz & Cody Brothers, you will be educated immediately about more than the subject of their stills. You’ll find the awe-inspiring beauty of the west and find it to be certainly wild & wide open. A gifted photographer, Lynne Pomeranz feels the moment and translates it to a medium that preserves it against time. “As a photographer, I am reminded daily of how precious and fleeting a moment can be. I am drawn to horses, landscapes, subjects unbranded by time, and the sense of poetry in everyday scenes that tend to go unnoticed.” Pomeranz presents her newest photographs of the horse, wild in the west. In expressing his narrative of “the western abandon” Cody concentrates his focus on abandoned farms, crumbling homes, neglected churches, aging cemeteries, forgotten cars and other objects, set within the vastness of the southwestern landscape. He works almost entirely with infrared film, using a range of different cameras, from a 4x5, pinhole and a 6x17 panoramic. Brothers presents his newest photographs of the landscape, wide open in the west. Beals & Abbate Fine Art is proud to announce its upcoming presentation of “Still: Wild & Wide Open in the West” from Tuesday, April 24th to May 8th with an opening reception on Friday, April 27th from 5 – 8 PM! All are welcome!