"Point of View" featuring Sara Shawger!

Known for her powerful landscapes, cloudscapes and abstract drawings, Sara Shawger has always been inspired by the majesty of nature and the eternal conflict between order and chaos. Sara’s paintings and drawings are characterized by the repetition of lines and loose boxes or squares that fade in and out of the surface, revealing the depth, moods and hidden colors of the subject. Low horizons and a strong vertical emphasis keep the focus above the horizon, into the sky and beyond. Action and motion in the sky, clouds and storms are fleeting, furious from the inside, calming and heavy from a distance. “I want to show different views and the different energies that skies and storms can emit based on where you view it, your distance from it, your interest in it.” In Sara Shawger’s first solo show, the sky is certainly the limit. Her newest oil paintings on canvas and graphite and pastel on paper works displayed for this show will focus where the landscape ends and the sky begins. Sara asks the viewer “are you seeing it in the distance on your way home from work or have you turned to the storms and cloudiness inside?” These paintings can also represent what's in our heads. There's a language that expresses clarity and chaos, a constant war. Is your mind clear to see, or so full of thoughts and images buzzing away, keeping you from seeing? “My work is an active mind trying to spell out clarity and order in a subject that is wild and fleeting,” states Shawger. Sara was formerly trained at West Virginia Wesleyan College, where she received a degree in English and studio art. She earned a master’s degree in painting and drawing at Virginia’s James Madison University. She was also a college art teacher for five years, prior to redirecting her professional life toward a career as an artist. Beals & Abbate Fine Art is proud to announce its upcoming presentation of “Point of View” from Tuesday, June 5th to Monday, June 18th with an opening reception on Friday, June 8th from 5 – 8 PM! All are welcome!