“Nouveau” featuring John Maisano

“My current body of work was inspired by the styles of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, which I feel represent the high point of design. I try to capture the spirit of each animal with clean shapes accented by intricate designs. Some tend toward the whimsical, while others are simply elegant.” Elegant indeed. The movement of the line Maisano sculpts presents a natural flow and sway that whispers the spirit of the animal. Much like Art Nouveau this recent series of bronze sculpture is inspired by natural forms and structures - not only in flowers, leaves and animals but also in curved lines of architecture. Harmonizing these elements to create his well-published longhorn, ‘Big Bend’, his playful fox, ‘Roxy’, and his formidable wild boar, ‘Razor’s Edge’ has taken Maisano’s bronze collection to an entirely new level. Collectors and the Fine Art Press have been waiting for this One Man Show, and to show his gratitude, it is John’s pleasure to introduce the coyote ‘Night Song’. The nature of this creature is revealed immediately when you see the long extended neck reaching for the moon in a wild and gestural howl. Incorporating the wind and the moon into the sculpture from the over-fluffed tail, to the open praise of the coyote’s mouth, Maisano evokes the primal ‘howl’ in all of us. See this powerful new piece and many more of John Maisano’s captivating bronze sculptures at his 2012 show, “Nouveau”! Beals & Abbate Fine Art is proud to announce its upcoming presentation of “Nouveau” from Tuesday, June 19th to July 1st with an opening reception on Friday, June 22nd from 5 – 8 PM! All are welcome!