Rescued (A Musical)

SCC is excited to present RESCUED, an original Easter musical, from April 5th to 8th. This unique production is set in London and Israel, capturing moments of Jesus telling parables, as well as the work of William Booth’s Salvation Army. RESCUED brings to life the compassion that Christ had on every person He set His eyes upon, and how God used one man’s willingness (namely, William Booth) to ultimately reach millions! It is a touching, powerful, and personal story of rescue and redemption. Experience the power, and celebrate with us over the Easter season! The same power that raised Christ from the dead is still at work today! * Admittance to all showings of RESCUED is absolutely free!!! * We are sponsoring a massive TOY DRIVE for the Salvation Army in conjunction with this event!!! So if possible, please bring toys to drop off when you come. ALL TOYS will be donated to the Salvation Army and given to children this next Christmas season! Thursday, 7pm // Good Friday, 7pm // Saturday, 7pm // Easter Sunday, 10am