Community Cultivated

Could you give us a brief bio of yourselves?

Claudia: Well, I went to U of A in Edmonton and I Majored in Education and Art I had done a few fundraiser like this while I was there. They were originally called “trashy art” so the idea was art that was made of recyclable materials. We sold a lot at bars and we made about $2000, which was great. Then I moved to Calgary last year and then Cynthia came back from art school and she had this art stuff, I had done two mini fundraisers and now we’re putting our brains together. I also work for the Canadian Mental Health Association and work with patients there.

Cynthia: I met Claudia about five years ago, teaching in High School during our degree, so we both have our Bachelor in Art Education degrees. I took a couple years off, to take courses in grad school in Art Therapy: which I just graduated with my Masters from Concordia in art therapy. I came back to Calgary hoping to bring Art Therapy into Calgary and Alberta, which has been a new challenge for me. But I’m receiving a lot of interest and contracts in the communities. I also work with mental health patients and use art therapy with these patients.

Claudia: And doing these fundraisers is what we do for fun. (Both laugh)

Tell us about Community Cultivated

Claudia and I had an event on last year that we had a few artists, musicians come over to a house and sold a bunch of stuff and raised money for charity. So this year we decided to take in a lot more artists and just make it a lot bigger in scale. We rented a huge Legion downtown in Calgary; we currently have 3 bands and 20 artists and were donating 15% of the arts sales to a charity called Studio C: which is a charity that provides free subsidized studio space for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. So basically were taking from the arts community to give back to the arts community. It’s like a bluegrass movement fundraiser, and were new at this were having a lot of fun and learning new things along the way. It’s getting really big and we have local videographers, sound technicians, bands and artists so it’s going to be real exciting and we can’t wait! It’s coming together! It’s really also about getting all types of artists together and getting people to meet them, and having a really fun and exciting event, so we’re really enjoying the process of putting it all together. It’s on June 2nd at 7:30 there will be a silent auction at 8pm until 11 as well; the bands will be playing until after midnight.

Lucky Sun – Bluegrass
The Jung people – Progressive Rock

We found a lot of the artists from different areas in Calgary and some are friends of ours. But we met some of the artists thru finding their work in Cafes or in the Market. We we’re able to communicate with them and have them participate in the fundraiser. Plus it’s more fine art than craft work for auction, that’s what we’re going for.

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What Next?

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