The Rise of Dogecoin: Adoption with the Arts

The arts couldn’t ask for anything better but Dogecoin! Already with a market cap growing over 64 million USD and beyond, and helping charities, causes and even Olympians! Now the Dogecoin community is looking around in other places, [...]

SOS Charles Ives House

*Update* Major campaign to save the house on Indiegogo.com donate or share the link* In the past 72 hours Twitter & Facebook has been chattering about the recent development of the possible demolition of American Composer Charles Ives [...]

The Hiatus

We know “Hiatus” it’s such a dirty word isn’t it, but no worries we’re not going anywhere. We’re just very busy and when I mean we, I mean “the two of us” in this massive pool party called the [...]

Entertainment is Expanding

I recently read the February edition of the AFM (American Federation of Musicians) President Ray Hair message about how, “Digital Theft Hurst US Workers”. This article and on the follow page in the magazine is a  formal protest on the [...]