Part Two With Alexandra Pera

We continue our riveting interview with Alexandra Pera from the Alberta Ballet. What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated? Alex: Like any human being, there are times when I find it extremely difficult to be motivated [...]
Tricia Victoria Photographer

In Depth with Alexandra Pera Dancer

In this two part interview with up and coming Dancer Alexandra Pera! This exciting and riveting dancer from Romania, has found her new home in Alberta dancing with the Alberta Ballet and being engaged in other dance projects. Its a pleasure [...]
Hotel Elefant Ensemble

Hotel Elefant – New Music NYC

Could you tell us about yourself and Hotel Elefant? Leaha: I’m a composer and an arts administrator. I am also a co-founder and the Artistic Director for Hotel Elefant, which is a contemporary music ensemble based in New York dedicated innovative, [...]
Jonathan 0017

Jonathan Estabrooks!

Please give us a brief bio, where you are from and how you started in this field? My name is Jonathan Estabrooks and I am a professional baritone. Originally from Ottawa, Canada. I grew up in a very supportive and vibrant community and family [...]

West 4th New Music!

  We speak to Molly Herron producer and composer at West Fourth New Music (W4). Could you give us a brief bio of yourself and West 4th? Molly: I didn’t come from a musical family but my family is artistic. I started playing violin at [...]

Nick Hempton Band!

Could you give us a brief bio and how you started to play? Nick: I grew up in Sydney Australia; I lived there until I was 28 years old. I spent a brief period at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the rest of my time playing jazz and other [...]

Lauren Jelencovich!

Could you give us a brief Bio and how you started singing? Lauren: Ya, I grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida but I was born In Texas. I started thinking about singing seriously in High School. I had always had music around me in my life, singing [...]

Michelle Trovato, Soprano

Please give us a brief bio, where you’re from and how you started in this field? I started studying classical singing seriously at age 15 with Basel Landia Wowk in Williamsburg, Virginia almost immediately after my family moved there from [...]

The Stone Pines

In our Second installment of “The Avenue Interviews..” we speak to Ryan Krumins from The Stone Pines a indie rock band from British Columbia. Take a listen and enjoy. The Stone Pines are looking ahead to 2012 as a breakout year. [...]

Community Cultivated

Could you give us a brief bio of yourselves? Claudia: Well, I went to U of A in Edmonton and I Majored in Education and Art I had done a few fundraiser like this while I was there. They were originally called “trashy art” so the idea was [...]

Chloe Charles – Songs in her Veins

Could you give us a brief bio, where your from and how you started? Well I grew up somewhere in-between Uxbridge and Claremont on this crazy property with my mom in the forest. It was filled with sculptures and a gallery that my grandfather [...]

The Oh Wells – turbulent soundmaking!

Please give us a brief bio, where you’re from and how the Oh Wells Started? The Oh Wells officially began when I (Sarah) was in highschool in White Rock, British Colombia.  At the time, I had acne, a retainer, and an obsession with Harry [...]

Katrina Leshan – Her Music..

We speak to Katrina Leshan a guitarist in Texas that has trotted the globe and hasn’t even gotten our of university yet. A promising and great talk with this curious and electric musician. Could you tell a little brief bio and how [...]

FUSE – Electric Violinist Duo

Please give us a brief bio of the two of you, where you’re all from and how you started in this field? We are Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee, from London UK. We are electric violinists who came together to form the band FUSE having shared [...]

Mark O’Connor – Violinist

We speak to Mark O’Connor, Violinist, composer, arranger and music ambassador to just name a few. We ask some questions about his early life and more news about what he’s doing presently. It’s a delight to have him on The Avenue. Could [...]