At the Montreal Fringe 2014 – My Playwright Sister

A cross section of life between a Sister (Johanna Nutter) and Brother/Sister (James Diamond). A Jarring and nerve wracking experience! All the while a elegant and emotional portrayal of sibling rivalries. James Diamond character is flat out [...]

Euro Cup in the shell of a nut

Last night, I discovered that all of the Italians have moved to Belgium. With my apartment just 5 minutes from Gare Centrale in Brussels, the clock struck 23.38 (or thereabouts) and the sounds of honking, yelling, cars revving and unintelligible [...]

A Parisian Restaurant in Bucharest

Each time I’ve visited it, people have boasted left and right, “you know, in the 70s, people used to call Bucharest ‘Little Paris’.” Now, I’ve only been to Paris once and on a particularly unpleasant Valentine’s Day weekend, but [...]

The Dream of the Day

On a daily Google search of “60s nostalgia”, I came across the following link: I must admit two things before further continuing on this topic: number one, I was born two decades after the mid-60s, [...]

Life as Art

The art form that seized my attention on my first day in Bali were the daily offerings. I immediately felt the artistic sensitivity, the evidence of the hands that carefully wove each palm leaf into the shape of a tray. The fingers that picked [...]