The Rise of Dogecoin: Adoption with the Arts

The arts couldn’t ask for anything better but Dogecoin! Already with a market cap growing over 64 million USD and beyond, and helping charities, causes and even Olympians! Now the Dogecoin community is looking around in other places, [...]

Project Trio à Montréal

The Project Trio Greg Pattillo, Peter Seymour and Eric Stephenson were in town for the first time last night May 17th in a intimate cafe setting at  Café l’Artère located at the end of Parc Extension.  2 of the 3 members – [...]

Part Two With Alexandra Pera

We continue our riveting interview with Alexandra Pera from the Alberta Ballet. What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated? Alex: Like any human being, there are times when I find it extremely difficult to be motivated [...]
Tricia Victoria Photographer

In Depth with Alexandra Pera Dancer

In this two part interview with up and coming Dancer Alexandra Pera! This exciting and riveting dancer from Romania, has found her new home in Alberta dancing with the Alberta Ballet and being engaged in other dance projects. Its a pleasure [...]

Canadian National Dance Week 2012

The Canadian Dance Assembly is presenting this years National Dance Week in Canada. With events from coast to coast that promote dance in all fashions from hip hop to ballet. The week begins April 22nd to the 29th with events being added to [...]
ACT women img

Act Women – Woman’s Day in Serbia

On 31/03 I went to “Rex” Cultural Center to check out a “Women’s Day” held once a month, organized by ACT Women. ACT Women – Art Club Taboo Women – is an informal artistic group. I had no idea about the concept and what [...]

Penny and Jules Dance Company

Please give us a brief bio, where you are both from and how you started in this field? We both grew up near Brighton, East Sussex, taking regular classes at local dance schools. Aside from a brief ‘dip’ in the ballet waters at a very young [...]