Aaron Mangoff – You and I

Your album “You and I” how did the title and first track share the name? The title “You and I” is based on my younger brother and I. I have had the tune for quite awhile, actually it was written during the recording process of [...]

The Stone Pines

In our Second installment of “The Avenue Interviews..” we speak to Ryan Krumins from The Stone Pines a indie rock band from British Columbia. Take a listen and enjoy. The Stone Pines are looking ahead to 2012 as a breakout year. [...]

The Oh Wells – turbulent soundmaking!

Please give us a brief bio, where you’re from and how the Oh Wells Started? The Oh Wells officially began when I (Sarah) was in highschool in White Rock, British Colombia.  At the time, I had acne, a retainer, and an obsession with Harry [...]

Canada’s Best Live Music Venues 2012

Finding the Best Live Music in your town or a place your visiting is tough to find. Sometimes were just to late to see that show and have to head back home. Now we have a list and links to some of the best venues in Canada go and check them [...]