The Rise of Dogecoin: Adoption with the Arts

The arts couldn’t ask for anything better but Dogecoin! Already with a market cap growing over 64 million USD and beyond, and helping charities, causes and even Olympians! Now the Dogecoin community is looking around in other places, [...]

Mixing in a Studio can be hard work..


Happy 30th MIDI!

Either you love, hate or still have no clue what Midi is. This video celebrates 30 years of this great creative tool that has aided millions of artist all over the world.


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Leaving the Orchestra

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Cristina Spinei

What are your recent works right now that you’re working on? I have just completed a string quartet, Bootleg Sugar Lips, for MuSe’s Sounds of Arts Festival 2012. (http://musefriends.org/MuSE/Top.html) Yui Kitamura is the founder [...]

The State of US Orchestras Today

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Why Leonard Cohen is the King of Cool and Badass of Dark Verse

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Zoe Keating

Find more on Zoe Keating HERE : Facebook Twitter Website Technology and music go hand in hand with you and your music. How would you describe the relationship between the two in your own way? Zoe: Well they definitely need each other, it’s [...]

Denise Vasquez – Modern Day Woman

Your considered a “Modern Day Renaissance Woman”, who are you influenced by?  That’s a great question! I’m influenced by so many things: Traveling, love, life, art, nature, people… but the biggest and most important influence [...]

Aaron Mangoff – You and I

Your album “You and I” how did the title and first track share the name? The title “You and I” is based on my younger brother and I. I have had the tune for quite awhile, actually it was written during the recording process of [...]

Yllka Istrefi – Pianist

You Can find more on Yllka Istrefi on here Facebook – Twitter – Website Tell us about what you’ve been doing this past year? Yllka: This has been an amazing year for me. I have had a chance to focus on things that really [...]

100 Years of John Cage

John Cage is 100 Years old today, the “Idol” of contemporary music in which no one shares it’s place. Still vivid as ever since he left us, leaving us a trail of silence that no one can take away. Just Youtube him and you’ll [...]

Gigs: A How-to on Finding Them (2012 edition)

Let’s get on with it, musicians and various artists can atest to one thing: finding gigs are tough. Well ‘used‘ to be tough. Here we give a few tips on how to get a bit closer to self-managing your career to a more comfortable [...]

SOS Charles Ives House

*Update* Major campaign to save the house on Indiegogo.com donate or share the link* In the past 72 hours Twitter & Facebook has been chattering about the recent development of the possible demolition of American Composer Charles Ives [...]