Chloe Charles – Songs in her Veins

Could you give us a brief bio, where your from and how you started? Well I grew up somewhere in-between Uxbridge and Claremont on this crazy property with my mom in the forest. It was filled with sculptures and a gallery that my grandfather [...]

Crissi Cochrane – One Girl One Guitar

Please give us a brief bio, where you’re from and how you started in this field? I’m a folk/pop singer-songwriter living in Windsor ON. I started making music as a teenager in rural Nova Scotia. I abandoned a half-hearted plan to take [...]
cat railroad

Cat Thomson, Singer Songwriter

Please give us a brief bio, where you are from and how you started in this field? I was born and raised in Calgary, AB but I currently live and reside in Vancouver, BC. I started taking piano lessons at age 5, and a year later I joined the [...]

Singer, Songwriter Collette Andrea

We found Collette Andrea on Twitter a few weeks back and we could not stop listening to her tracks on Reverbnation. A satin voice that is just starting to bloom out into the world. Check her out online and in the Toronto area. Good things [...]

Ashley Riley, Singer Songwriter

Could you give us a brief bio? AR: I picked up a guitar about nine years ago, and started taking lessons and I instantly started writing my own songs instead of other peoples songs from the get go. Where I’m from in Decatur, IL  the city [...]