Neapolitan Connection presents: BRAHMS, SCHUMANN & SONG

Guest Artists: Kelly Hall-Tompkins :: violin Angela Park :: piano Rachel Mercer :: cello Katherine Whyte :: soprano Anastasia Rizikov :: pianist Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann have finally met their musical match, and have united for this special Neapolitan Connection concert! Please join us for a enjoyable and unforgettable evening filled with vocal and chamber music, featuring the sublime works of these two great Romantic music giants of the 19th century. Tonight, Schumann's melodic fantasy and Brahms' harmonic fury collide, resulting in a rarely-heard alliance of romantic rapture! Reg $22.00 TICKETS ONLINE: TICKETS BY PHONE: 647-955-2108 Facebook page: Twitter: @musicneapolitan Artwork: Tatiana Cifuentes