Keeping in mind that when it comes to jazz, two heads are better than one, Alliance Française de Toronto is launching a new series of one-on-one musical encounters, Jazz en tête-à-tête, in the intimate setting of its Pierre-Léon Gallery. Jazz en tête-à-tête will provide some of the greatest Toronto musicians the opportunity to explore the various facets of their craft, by allowing for a dialogue – in words and music – between the artists, but also with the audience as well as Alliance Française's artistic director, Dominique Denis. "Many of the world's greatest jazz artists live and work in Toronto, and they deserve to be better known", he explains. "So we wanted to create the type of encounter which lets the audience get inside their creative process." For Le jazz sous influences/Jazz Under The Influence(s) (Saturday January 12), saxophonist and flutist Jane Bunnett and pianist Marilyn Lerner will explore matters of stylistic lineage by paying tribute to the musicians who played a key role in their evolution. As for guitarist Éric St-Laurent and percussionist Michel DeQuevedo, featured on Jazzmen sans frontières/Jazzmen Without Borders (Friday February 22), they will highlight the rich relationship between jazz and the various musical idioms of the world. These performances and exchanges will take place in French and English. Too often, jazz has been reduced to an anonymous sonic backdrop, or a cultural product to be mass-consumed during the brief festival season, then promptly forgotten for the rest of the year. With Jazz en tête-à-tête, Alliance Française offers a new way to celebrate the extraordinary wealth of talent that makes our city one of the cultural capitals of the world. Jazz Under The Influences With Marilyn Lerner & Jane Bunnett Saturday, January 12, 2013, 7:30pm Jazzmen Without Borders With Éric St-Laurent & Michel DeQuevedo Friday, February 22, 2013, 7:30pm